Scrap metal recycling for Fabricators

13% of the raw materials ordered in for a job are discarded as waste!

Every job that goes through the fabricators shop begins life as Metal Bar, Metal Tube, Extruded metal sections or Sheet Metal. Initial sizing and shaping can produce large metal offcuts, secondary processes using Turret punches, Lasers, Waterjet and Plasma cutters - create further smaller metal waste. And subsequent detailed machining, including drilling, turning, CNC, milling and grinding - produce large amounts of scrap metal waste in the form of Metal Swarf and Chips.

Workshop waste, Environmental accountability, Climate change

With increasingly stricter global legislation, there is now a higher demand on industry to demonstrate a responsability for their environmental impact and legacy.

Remaining Competative!

Reinvestment - to implement efficient processes, ongoing monitoring and documentation, Training and certification. Better Materials management to reducing supply chain Carbon Footprints and development of waste management strategies - is continually required in order to be legislation complient.
Increasing waste disposal costs, and the global rise in energy prices, these spiraling overheads have to be passed on to the client.

Stokesley Metals Ltd can help

Turn an overhead into an income

Fabrication and engineering shops throughout Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire can now turn waste from an overhead into an income, Stokesley Metals Ltd will pay top rates for your scrap metal - and provide a skip and free collection

Fact: The cost of waste disposal has reached a point where it has to be factored into the pricing of every job.
Stokesley Metals Ltd will provide assistance and advice or a total service, including the provision of suitable containers for the storage and transport of your engineering and fabrication workshop waste.
Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. It is 100% recyclable!

Dont just bin it - get cash for your scrap metal!