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Free skips for Scrap Metal
July 22, 2016

Scrap Your Car

We’re buying all sizes of cars & machinery in any condition. Stokesley Metals Limited can even offer a free collection service for those within the local area.

To make your life even easier, our experienced staff can complete all of the necessary DVLA paperwork, including providing a ‘Letter of Destruction’.

Instant payment available • Same day collection available • Authorised Depollution Facility • Public Weighbridge • Fully Licensed


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We also recycle Car Batteries • Other Vehicle Batteries • Catalytic Converters

Scrap your Car
Depollution Centre
Scrap your Car

We Are Fully Licensed

Stokesley Metals Limited have a full set of licenses to work in the scrap metal recycling industry. We are also an authorised vehicle de-pollution processor, we have an on-site de-pollution plant where we safely remove substances that are harmful to the environment before scrapping cars and other vehicles.

Put your trust in a third generation scrap metal dealer!
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