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Free skips for Scrap Metal
Scrap Your Van in Grimsby
May 26, 2016


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    We Are Fully Licensed

    Stokesley Metals Limited have a full set of licenses to work in the scrap metal recycling industry. We are also an authorised vehicle de-pollution processor, we have an on-site de-pollution plant where we safely remove substances that are harmful to the environment before scrapping cars and other vehicles.

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    We understand that a lot of companies are currently closing shop or have already closed due to the current pandemic. We would like to take the time to reassure all of our customers and let them know that we are still open for business as normal! All of our employees are following strict hygiene protocols to ensure both your safety and theirs. Alongside this we are using gloves and sanitising gels/sprays frequently to mitigate risks and ensure safety. If you have any enquiries as to our services, please to not hesitate to call on 01469 577 875 or email us on